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Application fee     ¥8,640

             ※Only at the time of admission


Tuition fee          ¥648.000 / year

Teaching material cost 
                               ¥actual costs / year

Facility fee          ¥ 10,800 / year

Common teaching material cost


Material Fee -------- Reference ※1 

Enrollment fee    ¥ 32,400 / year


Special Studies costs​ ¥ 12,960 / year

                                           Reference ※2  


Insurance           ¥ 2,160 / year

※1 The teaching materials used by each individual will be actual expenses.

(We will inform you of the amount as soon as the teaching materials are decided.)


※2 Special activity fee includes nature exploration, agricultural experience, craft, art, social

tourism, home economics, technology, Japan traditional technology, music ensemble.

School trip will be collected separately at actual expenses.

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