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For those who are foreigners:

Those who have dreams and plans for the future...
「I want to do this! I want to be that!」...
but are finding it difficult in making steps ahead... 
We are here to help you move forward.


We support foreign students and young people.  
We hope that our style of learning might be of 
assistance to you obtaining your hopes and dreams.
Our goal for students 15 years and younger is that they might comprehend Japanese at a level which allows them to enter the Japanese society smoothly.


We can assist children who are finding it difficult 
to attend Japanese schools because of language barriers.
Also for those who have already completed school but yet struggle with the Japanese language.


For Japanese students:

MINORI NO IZUMI is a place prepared to support children/students who are unable to attend school for various reasons. 

We assist ages between the third grade of elementary school to the 3rd grade of juniour high school.

We welcome any student who needs support in stepping forward in their 「DREAMS」and「HOPES」for the future of their lives.

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